October 13, 2009

Christmas Cactus

When I noticed color in the buds of this Christmas Cactus, I knew it wouldn't be long before it would be blooming. I brought it from the basement about two weeks ago and put it near a bright window. The warmth has caused the blooms to open up and it is getting really pretty. Within another couple of weeks it will be in full bloom.
I keep my Christmas cactus on the deck where it only gets a little early morning sun. When the weather gets cool and the possibility of frost is near, the cactus begins to put out buds. I had been watching for the buds, but hadn't seen any until last week. It seens they appear within a week. I will bring it in soon and put it where it will get bright light and some sun. It blooms before Thanksgiving with two double peach colored blooms on every branch, so beautiful. After it blooms I will move it to the basement for the rest of the winter. This cactus is at least 15 yrs. old and is hugh. It roots easily in water, so I probably should start some new plants and eventually get rid of this one, but as long as it blooms I will keep it.

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