October 27, 2009

Scenic route to the apple orchard

This was the route we took today to go to the apple orchard. It was cloudy but the color was beautiful. We stocked up on staymen and fuji apples, honey, sweet potatoes and apple cider. Virginia is such a beautiful state.


Kanak Hagjer said...

Really beautiful! What a pleasure it must be to travel a route as gorgeous as this!

Nell Jean said...

Hi, I came to your blog by way of Blotanical -- by the way, you have messages there on your 'My Plot.'

The fall foliage is so beautiful in the mountains. We don't get that here. I looked down your list of topics and saw that we have many plants in common, including camellia and Christmas cactus. Our butterflies are the same, too. Have you planted violas yet; still too warm here.

Nature's Beauty said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the info. I have planted pansies in two pots and a few in a flw. bed. I hope I haven't planted them too early but I have waited in previous years and then wasn't able to find pretty ones. I haven't planted any violas. I also have some Johnny-Jumpups blooming that must have come up from seed from the spring bloom. I really love them in the spring because they bloom so early.