September 20, 2009

Fall is in the air

I love the feel of fall in the air, especially the cool weather and less humidity. It will soon be time to starting cutting back all the flowers that have given me so much pleasure. I saved seeds from the Mexican Zinnias in 2008 and planted them in pots in early spring. They have been blooming all summer and will continue until frost.
The roses love the cooler weather and show it with a new flush of blooms, as you can see from this peach color rose. I just noticed today that the hydrangea is producing new buds. I don't know why that is happening this time of the year. I hope they develop into blooms but I'm not expecting to see them do as well as in the spring. I don't have any luck with mums returning when I plant them in the fall. The asters are doing well so I think I will plant more of them instead of mums.


Linda said...

Fall is my favorite season of the year. That is a beautiful rose photo.

Anonymous said...

The plants that remain in my containers look as good as they did all summer, if not better. We had a lot of hot and humid weather, too -- I believe, like me, they prefer the cooler, fallish air. :) Your blooms are lovely!

Mary Delle said...

What a nice collection of fall blooms.