July 6, 2009

Spring brings new birth

July 2 ... For a couple of days the young bluebirds have been peeping out of the house and chirping. I believe they are about to fledge. Hope I get to see it.
On July 4 while sitting on the deck having coffee at 6:15 am,
I was lucky enough to see this bluebird as he made his first flight into the "real world".
I discovered these cardinal eggs in a leyland cypress
when I saw the birds going into the trees. I have a row
of cypresses and it is a favorite place for nesting and
roosting for many birds. I just happend to look out the window and this young
robin was sitting on the porch. I took the picture through
the window.
Cardinals nesting in a cedar tree at the edge of my yard


Jean La Rue said...

These photos are just awesome. Thanks for sharing these.

Nature's Beauty said...

Thank you!