July 15, 2009

Wednesday's garden

The Chaste Tree (vitex agnus-castus) has been exceptionally pretty this year. Chaste Tree and False Sunflowers
"Victoria Blue" Salvia
Four o'clocks


Sue Swift said...

Love the chaste tree - have never seen one before. I wonder what the Latin name is? I'll have to Google it and find out.

Sue Swift said...

PS Sorry - clicked at the wrong moment. Wanted to say that I found you through Blotanical and have left you a welcome message there too.

beth said...

I love flowers and the way you show them! gardening is one of my biggest passions

Heather said...

Hi There! I just found your blog through Blotanical! I love it~ I hope you're enjoying your summer. I will send you a message through Blotanical too but that will likely be later tonight. Have to beat the heat today~

Nature's Beauty said...

After googling the chaste tree, the Latin name is Vitex agnus-castus. I'm a common name gardener, so I don't get into the impossible-to-remember names :-)

Jean said...

Nice blog with great photos. I just planted four o'clocks for the first time in my garden. Got a late start so they're not blooming yet. Hope they're as pretty as yours.

Saw you on Blotanical, btw. Stop by my plot or blog when you have a chance.