April 22, 2009

Barbara's Garden

Awakening of Spring 2009
This Hummingbird flew into the patio door and was stunned for about 5 minutes. Right after I took this picture, she flew away. The bluebirds finally used this house after we cleaned it out in Feb. after seeing them checking it out. This Red Bellied Woodpecker has been visiting the feeder all winter.
Beautiful winter sunset!
Double rainbow
Kwanzan Cherry and Red Dogwood. The dogwood
was a brighter red this year that I have ever seen
it. It must have been the wonderful spring rain.
Grape Hyacinths
Kwanzan Cherry
Mitzi is really enjoying the warm spring weather
I discovered the 3 cardinal eggs and a couple of
days later the babies had hatched.
Star Flower
Yellow Alyssum
Bleeding Hearts
This is a beautiful White Dogwood with large blooms.
"Sensation" lilac
An old lilac that is about 20 yrs. old
Red Dogwood
Johnny Jumpups

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Garden Lily said...

How neat to have such a close encounter with the hummingbird. I'm glad she was okay.